DAO Governed EURO Stablecoin

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DAO Governed EURO Stablecoin

The time has come for the world to acknowledge its true prowess when interconnected in a highly secure network of decentralized devices, all acting in harmony as a true, powerful singularity.

When you open your browser nowadays chances are that at least one news piece you read is about cryptocurrency, stablecoins, NFT, decentralized protocols, or just how badly you should buy Bitcoin until it’s not “too late”, right?

But you’ve probably already heard about the many scams that run rampant on the internet, all trying to convince you of how cool their new project is and that by buying some weird sounding coin you might suddenly become rich and the life you’ve always dreamed of is right around the corner. In fact, some even promise you’ll become bigger than life itself.

But that’s planet Get-Rich-Quick. Now let’s get back to a planet we all learned to love, cherish, and protect, since it’s the only one we’ve got – planet Earth. Down here, us humans like to have a thing called stability, and as all living beings we despise sudden changes and we loath surprises when they strike where it hurts the most – our wallets. When’s the last time you checked your wallet only to see you didn’t have those few extra banknotes you thought you did and suddenly thought to yourself “Oh, look – no more money. How cool”? That’s right – never.

This is where a special type of cryptocurrency comes into play to level the playing field. These cryptocurrencies are called stablecoins. A stablecoin is a digital token that runs on the blockchain just like Bitcoin, but unlike cryptocurrencies that are highly volatile and prone to wild fluctuations, a stablecoin will always have the same initial value of exchange – hence the word “stable”. To achieve this unique property, stablecoins are stabilized either by pegging them against a real-world asset (Euro, Dollar, Gold, Oil, etc.) or by using advanced algorithms. While Bitcoin might be worth $50K now and $45K the next minute, stablecoins remain the same, so that you may use these digital coins to pay for products & services just like money does. And while the algorithmically settled option sounds easier, it can fall victim to unforeseen errors and hacker attacks. That’s why e-EUR uses a combination of pegging and algorithms.

On top of that, e-EUR uses a global network of regulated bank accounts spanning pretty much every international currency you can think of, so that you can get your value in and out of the e-EUR decentralized network any time you please, in the currency of your choosing, with minimum or zero fees. Beyond paying, you can even convert between your currency and e-EUR and between e-EUR and any other imaginable currency and send that directly to vendors and bank accounts. Even if your desired receiver doesn’t use e-EUR. Cool or what?

Beyond being the coolest thing you’ve ever seen, e-EUR addresses the hot topic of true decentralization democratically – by means of true, decentralized autonomous organization. Most crypto projects popping up around the internet, while running on decentralized blockchains, are not truly decentralized. In fact, most crypto projects are controlled by a team of founders which also happen to have a highly significant stake of coins, with the final goal of getting rich quick.

That’s why e-EUR proposes a distributed governance model from the very beginning, even before the network will actually go live internationally. As you’ll find out from the roadmap, the plan is to roll out governance tokens as a first step to make sure the decision tree is equitably spread across. This way, the second step is to set up a DAO for the e-EUR decision board, so that governance token holders can vote on every proposal and collectively and transparently take decentralized decisions that the majority will always agree to be the right ones.

DAO governed e-EUR decisions will include everything from how the DAO runs, which roles are appointed to each member of the governance board, how e-EUR itself runs, looks and acts like, what will the fee structure look like for every basic service and purpose e-EUR will offer, and even cutting edge proposals coming from the governance community, that are not directly tied to the network itself.

Making proposals will most probably be free, but voting on proposals will require governance token locking through the voting smart contract of each proposal. In order to provide a robust and equitable e-EUR voting procedure, we introduce a revolutionary new voting system based on the Weighted Seigniorage Paradigm. This new paradigm is a proprietary system that can be perfectly applied both to voting systems as well as to monetary economics systems, in order to automatically adapt demand and supply elasticity while penalizing whale investor pump & dump schemes’ nefarious effects, all the while preventing retail investor bank runs. And it’s done algorithmically, without any manual intervention.

The e-EUR governance tokens called e-EURG will be rolled out in batches, so make sure to subscribe to the e-EUR newsletter on this website, in order to catch the new wave and be the first to know about this.

The time has come for the world to acknowledge its true prowess when interconnected in a highly secure network of decentralized devices, all acting in harmony as a true, powerful singularity.