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DAO Governed<br />EURO Stablecoin

DAO Governed
EURO Stablecoin

We appreciate what the ECB is doing for everyone, but it’s still a centralized solution meant for Web 2.0, restrictive state planning and commercial banking.

We want a decentralized and people governed Euro stablecoin to be the real solution this world needs for fast and unbounded remittances and true DeFi models backed by a modern digital economy.

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e-EUR powered
DeFi Marketplaces

Decentralized digital marketplaces for everything imaginable: from lending & remittances, to shopping, real estate, pharmaceuticals, industry 4.0, gaming, streaming, public transport and many more.

All such decentralized solutions must be supported via a highly secure blockchain infrastructure while offering its users the benefit of zero transfer fees.

e-EUR powered<br /> DeFi Marketplaces

Waiting for the wave?
This is it!

Maybe you lost the early Bitcoin launch and had to buy it very expensive from miners who had it at $0.10. Maybe you lost the Ethereum bandwagon and now have to burn high fees for NFTs. Maybe you lost the Dogecoin and Shiba Inu meme token sensations before they skyrocketed +1000000%.

Don’t worry, now you know what being the first usually means – tons of opportunities!


Limitless Possibilities

When the power of the people comes together in a singular decentralized digital governance model, we can reach true consensus on everything – who we are and what we stand for. We can decide what our money means, does and how it circulates without limits.

Limitless Possibilities

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